Keep Cool! A Play about Climate Change, Energy & Transportation

 Over 100,000 Metro Vancouver kids reached since 2008!


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Run time: 40 minutes
For grades K-7

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“Stand back for a full blast of energy as Keep Cool! delivers the message of climate change in a fast and fun way. DreamRider Theatre is on a mission, and a roll.”
The Vancouver Sun

Kids today have a lot of questions. Is the world really getting hotter? What does that mean? And exactly what is a “carbon footprint”? Keep Cool! answers all these questions, mythbusts climate change, and shows kids what they can do to protect their future, all in a friendly, fun, and upbeat way. Everyone’s favourite superhero, Esmeralda Planet Protector, and her loveable sidekick Goober take on the Evil Dr. Carbon and teach kids about positive actions they can take to reduce emissions and prevent climate change.

Since 2008, 16 B.C. municipalities and Translink have all used Keep Cool! to meet their outreach targets.

Kids learn about:

  • Alternative transportation,
  • Better energy use, and
  • Small, simple habits that all add up to make a really big difference.

Even better, the kids who see our show go home to bug their parents about idling, driving less, turning off lights and appliances, and walking, biking, or using transit for shorter trips. To date, kids in our audiences have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint by more than 23,000 tonnes!


Funders and Supporters

A big thanks to the following organizations for their support of Keep Cool!

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TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
Fortis BC


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