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These are just some of the hundreds of letters we receive each year.

“You guys did a great job! I really enjoyed your funny jokes and songs. I’ll always remember to recycle, reuse and reduce. Thanks for teaching me everything about garbage. I’ll tell all of my other friends about this great show and to ‘rethink’.” Bruno L., T. Homma School.

“Wow! What a great show. I enjoyed every single part of it. My favourite part was when Sara and Ian played microorganisms. I loved, loved that part, because in that part Sara and Ian inspired me a lot. I never ever though my garbage can hurt the earth so much.” Tijana S., T. Homma School.

“I really enjoyed the performance. I think it sent an important message to not waste water. I never knew that you could recycle paint!” Katy, Grade 4

“It was funny, neat and exciting.” Cara, Gr. 4,

“It was funny. I learned that [my] lawn needs only one hour of water per week. I also learned fish [painted] on drains reminds us not to put paint down drains.” Devon, Gr. 4, North Vancouver

“It was funny. Maybe next time you can make it longer. I didn’t like it when it ends. I like how you made the show funny.” Mindy, Gr. 2, Laurier Annex.

“Maybe next time you can make the presentation even longer!” Karl, Gr. 2.

“I learned not to take long showers.” Christopher, Grade 1, Eastview Elementary, N. Vancouver.

“I learned not to leave your water on while you’re brushing your teeth.” Katie, Grade 1, Eastview Elementary, N. Vancouver.

“I learned not to leave the sprinkler on when you’re not home.” Matteo, Grade 1, Eastview Elementary, N. Vancouver.

“I liked the part when you dumped the garbage. That was funny, man, now that is when I am talking funny. I learned to put your recycling into the recycling bin.” Reece, Queen Alexandra School, Vancouver.

“You people have the best act I have ever seen in my life! I learned how to recycle. Maybe your next show could be about polluting.” Brandon, Queen Alexandra School, Vancouver.

“I will be better at saving water by turning water off when I’m done.” Bryan, Grade 1, Parkcrest School

“I loved your show. I learned a lot of things about how water wasters waste water. I will make sure that my family is not water wasters.” Madeleine, Ridgeway Elementary, North Vancouver.

“I think you guys really need to be more mature.” Charlene, Ridgeway Elementary, N. Vancouver.

“You guys are really funny. Every time my mom brushes her teeth or washes the dishes she leaves the water running. I think my mom is a water waster.” Lisa, Ridgeway Elementary, North Vancouver.

“I’ve seen this play before but it is so funny I always laugh every time.” Hayley, Grade 4, Ridgeway, North Vancouver.

“Now, all of our family will remember to RETHINK!” Genny, Grade 3

“I really liked your RETHINK program. Now me and my family recycle and RETHINK a bunch more.” Gaelan, Grade 3

“I really enjoyed your show. I don’t have a compost but I can start doing one.” Shannen, Grade 3

“I really liked your Rethink program. Now I think about recycling. I will never throw anything from now.” Naofumi, Grade 3

“I learned not to put oil or paint down the drain. The performance was really funny. I liked the performance because I like funny performances. Come again next time.” Estevan, Grade 3, Queen Alexandra Elementary.

“What I enjoyed was the show. We learn to not waste water like:
leaving the water running when you brush your teeth turn off sprinkler after one hour,
only sprinkle your lawn once a week,
don’t do small loads of laundry.”
           Danny, Grade 3, Queen Alexandra Elementary

“Who cares? WE CARE! It was the BEST show ever!!” Catherine, Grade 2, Morley Elementary, Burnaby.

“I really liked your RETHINK program. It was really funny. It helped me learn things you can recycle and things you can. Recycling is also a little fun.” Minnie, Grade 3.

“I think that your show teaches kids of all ages to care and preserve water. I thought that it was really funny. Your show was a blast.”  Rhys, Ridgeway Elementary.

“I really liked your show because it was so funny. You also had a great lesson to be learned. You taught us how to be water conservationist. You also included us in the play. Again your show was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.” William, Ridgeway Elementary

“I never knew that you couldn’t put oil or paint in the drain, so thank you for telling me. And also I never knew that when you take a long shower it’s wasting water. I think you were great and funny in the show.” Katia, Grade 3, Ridgeway Elementary

“I learned not to put junk down the sewer.” Brandon, Grade 2, Marlborough Elementary, Burnaby.

“It was great. We learned to pick up garbage and do not litter anywhere.” Patricia, Grade 3, Dickens Annex.

“It was really funny. I loved the show. I learned a lot.
            1. Don’t litter.
            2. Don’t do vandalism
            3. Never do graffiti
                        Nicole, Grade 3, Dickens Annex

“I learned that you can’t put greasy oil, cat litter and dairy products in the compost.” Lois, Grade 3, Corpus Christi School, Vancouver.

“Rethink means to think about if it has to go in the garbage can.
Reuse means to use things again.
Recycle means to turn old things into new things.
Reduce means to try not to throw away too much.”
            Lani, Grade 3, Corpus Christi School, Vancouver.

“I learned how to reduce garbage by rethinking what you throw away.” Paula, Grade 3, Corpus Christi School, Vancouver.

“I learned that you cannot recycle meat in the compost because the microorganisms get sick.” Ben, Grade 3, Corpus Christi, Vancouver.

“I think the whole thing was funny. I laughed almost through the whole thing. I will be very careful now.” Theresa, Grade 1, St. Jude School.

“I learned that if you put dairy products in the compost micro-organisms will get sick and die. They are important.” Natalie, Grade 1, St. Jude School.

“I laughed my head off. I love your show so much. I especially learned that you should not throw things in the trash if they can be recycled.” Attianna, Grade 1, St. Jude School.

“You taught me a very important lesson. Now I don’t throw garbage on the ground.” James, Grade 1, St. Jude School.

“I learned how to make the landfill smaller.” Alessandro, Grade 1, St. Jude School.

“Have you ever littered? I have, but I’m going to Clean Up My Act.” Max.

“I think that I say for the whole school when I say…YOU ROCK!” Joey.

“This was the best show ever!” Austin, Grade 1

“Everyone makes a difference. Rethink!” Allison, Grade 1, Bramblewood School, Coquitlam.

“I learned not to put bottles in the garbage.” Raymond, Grade 1, Bramblewood School, Coquitlam.

“Thank you for teaching us.” Nathan.





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Click images for a larger view.

By Carol, Grade 3, Corpus Christi School.


Caroline, Div. 2, Garabaldi Annex. She drew a picture of Ian and Sara as Enviro-Heroes, with a garbage can. (Note Sara is making Ian's cape wave).


Nikolas, Grade 3, Nootka School, drew Ian as Goldilocks, with two of the three bears.


Liam from Eastview school drew a water molecule.

jean guy moustache & Water

Tamara, Grade 2 at Morley Elem., drew Jean-Guy Moustache and Water.

water poster

Cara, from North Vancouver, drew a great poster about wasting water. Click her drawing to see it full-size!

Who Cares?

Catherine, Grade 2 at Morley Elementary, drew this picture, and wrote, "It was the BEST show ever!!"

recycling poster

Gladys from T.Homma School, drew this picture that shows how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost.

Water Cycle

Karl, Gr. 2, Laurier Annex, drew this picture of the water cycle. Click to see a larger view!

Water conservation

Alex, 9, from Eastview School drew this picture of the water cycle. "I learned from the performance not to waste water and not to put paint or oil down the drain."


Donald, Grade 3 at Nootka School, drew a picture of the Wolf doing graffiti on Grandma's House as Little Red Riding Hood watches.